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How to find Sender’s IP Address Using Gmail – Email Sourcing

In email sourcing, These are the questions that you try to find out the answers when you get mail in your inbox. You can perform email sourcing from this aspect… Sometimes surprising or unwanted mail makes you crazy. to figure out from which location mail has been sent to you so that at least you can guess who could be behind the mail. This can also be done using HOTMAIL Account

There are few tips which will help you to track the email address location with easy tracking process as mentioned below.

First job is to find the IP address of the original email and in later part we will try to track it IP address location. IP address location will give the clue of email address location.

Track email address location from Google Gmail:

In email sourcing, Every email comes with email header and email header contains all the email details including sender’s IP address.

Please follow the steps to find the sender’s IP address:

1) Open your Gmail Inbox and then open the mail that you want to track the location.

2) Click on drop down shown on Reply button on email top right corner.

email sourcing

3) Click on Show original option. Clicking on Show original option will display all the information about the mail including sender’s IP address. Page will look like this : email sourcing

email sourcing

4) Look for the line Receivedfrom. If you are not able to find this you can click on Ctrl+F and search for Received keyword.

email sourcing

5) You have to care about Private IP address as this IP address is personal assigned system IP address that user have been used to send the mail.

6) Now you have to copy Private IP address and have to search the location.

7) There are many ways that you can track the senders IP address or you can contact to the organization to know detail about IP address user or person.

8) To track the IP address online you can search in Google “track IP address” and you will find many websites which provide the information about IP addresses.

9) I have looked up the location of IP address and got the location :

email sourcing

email sourcing

Track email address location from Yahoo Mail:

1) Open your Yahoo mail and click on Actions drop-down shown on the top.

2) Now select the option View Full Header.


3) Clicking on View Full Header option will display all the information about the mail including sender’s IP address.


Similarly you can follow the above steps mentioned for Google mail to track the IP address information.

Hope this will help you to track the email address location  !!!!! 

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